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Dance With Me: Contemporary Dance Company RAW Moves Revamps Newsletter, With Exclusive Archival and Upcoming Content

Screenshot 2020-06-22 at 4.59.54 PM

RAW Moves is one of Singapore’s foremost contemporary dance companies, constantly pushing at the definition of the form and medium and taking it to new heights and limits with each new show.

While unable to present a live performance during this COVID-19 period, they’ve taken the time to revamp their newsletter RAW!nForm, now providing exclusive access to archival footage of past shows and providing information on upcoming programmes (such as the announcement of new work XITY and a restaging of Being, and Organs).

For now, they’ve put up archival footage of their 2018 show X&Y.Featuring RAW Moves artistic director Ricky Sim and company dancer Matthew Goh, X&Y follows two subjects looking at each other from either side of an arena, as they navigate their shared space and search for truth in action and security in structure.

When we watched X&Y performed at Aliwal Arts Centre, we described it as “a narratively cohesive performance that will have you nervously laughing before wowing you with its unexpectedly powerful conclusion”. Check out the performance and more exclusive content, only when you subscribe to their newsletterRAW!nForm.

X&Y is available for viewing till 30th June 2020. Available by subscribing to RAW!nForm.

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