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By The Book: First-ever online Book Illustrators Gallery (BIG) launches in June

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Organised by the Singapore Book Council, as part of AFCC (Asian Festival of Children’s Content) Digital, the first-ever online Book Illustrators Gallery (BIG) is giving readers an opportunity to take off and travel around Asia, virtually that is. Featuring close to 200 illustrations from 13 Asian countries, BIG invites visitors to explore new cultures and the best of picture book illustrations from around Asia.

Having launched on 3rd June, the BIG exhibition is held in collaboration with the first ever fully digital AFCC. This year, the festival explores the theme of “Voyages”, and attempts to traverse physical boundaries and seek new avenues of sharing Asian stories for children and young adults. Over the years, BIG has been a popular feature at the annual AFCC, where the exhibition is usually held at the National Library. With its new online form, the exhibition is now larger and more extensive than its previous editions.

BIG showcases nearly 200 illustrations by more than 80 illustrators from around Asia, which include past AFCC Countries of Focus such as China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar as well as Singapore. The works were selected from more than 350 submissions and can be viewed on AFCC’s website

Says William Phuan, Executive Director of the Singapore Book Council: “We are very excited to launch the digital version of BIG, as part of our efforts to leverage digital technology to take AFCC online. Due to the pandemic, we had to postpone AFCC to October and quickly find ways to adapt our programmes for the digital space. This shift opened up new possibilities and we are embracing it to explore new avenues and still engage the community, while reaching out to new audiences.”

Visit the AFCC website to explore the BIG 2020 exhibition. A directory of all featured illustrators is also available in the online gallery.

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