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Fashion Forward: BHG Singapore launches three local in-house labels

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L to R: Designs from Otona Mode, SBT & Societe

BHG Singapore has launched three local in-house brands – Societe, Otona Mode, and SBT. Designed by BHG Singapore’s first in-house fashion designer, Esther Choy, this marks the first time in the department store’s 26 years history that they will be offering original designs designed for young Singaporeans by a young Singaporean.

The move to hire an in-house designer is part of BHG Singapore’s aim to do more in supporting local talents. “We hope that we are able to lend greater appreciation for the potential that local designers offer and help to charter new career options for these youths within the shores of home,” said Ms Vivien Lim, Head of Merchandising at BHG Singapore.

With her ears to the ground and commitment to serve fellow Singaporean women, Esther has taken care to consider what women want and need from their outfits, from comfort, to versatility, and especially pockets. Drawing on her previous experiences, she recognises the importance of pockets: “I’ve heard plenty of feedback from women that pockets in womenswear are often designed without much consideration for utility and functionality, unlike the pockets in menswear that are well-constructed. This informs a large part of my designs for women. Although heavily inspired by menswear elements, my style is all about making these elements more usable in womenswear, without compromising on aesthetics.”

L: Sleeveless Satin Swing Dress, $79.90; R: Sleeveless Asymmetrical Top with pleating detail, $69.90 and Wrap Skirt with buckle, $69.90

The three collections cater to women from all walks of life. Inspired by the clean, minimalistic lines of designs, Societe is made for the modern-day, multi-faceted, working Singaporean woman. Made with fabrics such as tencel and cotton in a simple yet elegant silhouette, the work casual outfits and formal wear selections will take you from the office to a night out with ease.

L: V-neck midi length dress, $69.90; R: Top with front adjustable gathers, $39.90 and A-line skirt with curved hem, $49.90

Meanwhile, Otona Mode takes inspiration from the paddy fields in Japan with its neutral colour palette and natural fabrics, and is designed for comfort and mobility. For greater customisability and versatility, the collection features plenty of separates and adjustable gathers to suit individual preferences, with clean, simple and breathable designs.

L: Spaghetti V-neck top with ruffles, $39.90 and Light-washed blue chambray skorts with overlay, $49.90; R: Cotton A-line midi length dress with ribbon shoulder straps, $59.90

Finally, SBT’s vibrant, bright, and casual outfits are inspired by nautical designs to inject fresh weekender vibes into your wardrobe. Taking into consideration that Singaporeans are increasingly eco-conscious, the collection is made from deadstock fabric to minimise fabric wastage. That said, no expense is spared in ensuring that fabric quality remains key in the designs, which focus primarily on separates for fun mixing and matching.

In another first, BHG Singapore has partnered with a team of graduating LaSalle College of the Arts students to conceptualise and create lookbooks for these collections. A show of support to the students who are graduating in difficult times, this opportunity offers the students an alternative avenue to showcase their talents.

Ava Gram

From 11th September, Singapore’s very own virtual fashion influencer, Ava Gram, will be embarking on a three-week takeover of BHG Singapore’s Instagram ( Ava will be incorporating looks from the three in-house labels into her wardrobe and sharing how she styles them to suit her daily life. This novel collaboration marks the first time a department store will be working with a virtual influencer, highlighting BHG Singapore’s hopes of connecting with a younger audience.

BHG’s three new collections are available in-store and online. 

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