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Music Is: Falling Feathers collaborates with Brannlum and Jason Yu on new single ‘Never Leave This Place’


Screenshot 2020-09-18 at 12.00.35 PM

Singapore based singer-songwriter Falling Feathers (JJ Ong) returns with a new collaboration track with Brannlum titled ‘Never Leave This Place’. This new track also features the vocals of up and coming singer-songwriter Jason Yu.

Produced by Falling Feathers and Brannlum, ‘Never Leave This Place’ delves into the feeling of trying to escape the harsh realities of life to an imaginary comfort space and realizing that one cannot run away forever. Building upon the momentum of both artists’ previous collaboration track ‘By Your Side‘, ‘Never Leave This Place’ positions itself as a melancholic Future Bass track topped with Falling Feathers’ signature heartfelt narratives, layered with pronounced pop punk guitar riffs.

“Never Leave This Place is a song about wanting to escape from real life into an imaginary safe space to feel safe. Then you realize that you can’t escape real life forever and we have to eventually face our fears and push on in order to live a fulfilling life,” adds Ong.

Never Leave This Place is now available on all digital platforms. Never Leave This Place is the second single off an upcoming collaboration EP between Falling Feathers and Brannlum, with more details to be announced soon.

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