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Dance With Me: Mighty Mousedeer of the Forest by Apsara Asia and Maya Dance Theatre (Preview)


In celebration of Children’s Day 2020, come catch an all new dance theatre performance by Apsara Asia and Maya Dance Theatre this October! Streaming online for one night only, Mighty Mousedeer of the Forest takes inspiration from the traditional Malay tale of Sang Kanchil, the cunning mousedeer who uses her wits to outsmart the ferocious tiger bent on eating her.

Presented by dancers from Maya Dance Theatre’s Diverse Abilities Dance Collective (DADC), a newly formed collective featuring dancers with disabilities, Mighty Mousedeer of the Forest was originally set to premiere as an outdoor community performance in March 2020 as part of National Arts Council’s Arts in Your Neighborhood 2020, which would have marked a first for these dancers to perform in an outdoor setting.

“The dancers (DADC) have faced this adversity with much determination and grit, and Mighty Mousedeer of the Forest is a testament to the efforts of this group of passionate dancers! While we stay safe from the pandemic, we are also excited to utilize the online stage to share our craft with a diverse group of audiences from the comfort of your screens,” says Subastian Tan, Programme Leader for DADC, on the initial cancellation of the production due to the pandemic, and its subsequent upcoming digital release.

Narrated through a blend of dance, theatre and storytelling, Mighty Mousedeer of the Forest brings the classic folktales to life as dancers engage one another in an enchanting display of movement and storytelling, accompanied by a lively musical score. Mighty Mouse Deer of the Forest also features an element of education and empowerment, with special needs dancers from DADC embarking on digital demonstration sessions to showcase their character movements, available for free through their website

Produced by Apsara Asia Pte Ltd and directed by Kavitha Krishnan with choreographer, Eva Tey, the screenplay for Mighty Mousedeer of the Forest was written by Lee Lai Mei Karen, with a musical score composed by Kailin Yong and Raghavendran Rajasekaran. The performance will feature dancers Eva Tey, Subastian Tan, Shahrin Johry, Weng Jiaying, Hee Yuan Sheng, Lin Yizhen June, Tang Su-Ann Megan, Arassi Maria Rajkumar, Lee En Ci Samuel, Chen Wanyi, Jaspreet Kaur Sekhon and Judith Teo.

“Going online was not an easy decision for us as trainers and them as learners,” adds Kavitha Krishnan, artistic director for Maya Dance Theatre and DADC. “Nonetheless, the team is moving on and adapting well. It has made us meticulous, and has re-designed our practice space. The digital world has opened the doors for us to reach out to many more from the comforts of our own homes and theirs. No one is deprived of access and everyone gets to meet a new friend. In addition, we have equally seen a surge in our audience since April 2020 when we moved our sharing and practice to online due to pandemic. I am certain that the new “normal” will offer exciting shifts for arts and disability.”

Mighty Mousedeer of the Forest streams online on 2nd October 2020 at 8pm. Tickets available from Peatix

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