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Music Is: Shye releases new single ‘i’m fine, no’

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Electro-pop singer, songwriter and producer Shye has unveiled her hypnotic new single “i’m fine, no”. Written as a response to the restrictions of being cooped up at home during the pandemic, the track touches on the underlying pressure and social norm that comes with often-overlooked everyday question “how are you?”.

“When we get asked, “How are you?” we almost automatically reply we are fine even if that’s not the case. (This song) is about embracing the times when we don’t feel fine and that it’s okay to not be okay,” shares the soft-spoken 18-year-old. “It does cross my mind every now and then whether I’m good enough or cool enough, but who’s to say what cool even is? What’s the point of being cool if your friends don’t even recognise you anymore? It’s so easy to get sucked into it all when you try to fit into society’s idea of what’s cool.”

Earlier this week, Shye announced her debut album ‘days to morning glory’ is set to release on 11th December 2020 via Where Are The Fruits. A follow up to the 2018 release ‘Augu7ine’ EP, the 10-track album consists of 8 new tracks plus the previously-released singles “too well”“don’t be shy”“love u” and “feeling like”. The album is a mixture of folk, techno and indie pop, infused with R&B, modern rock and classical elements, all of which Shye gravitates towards and is heavily influenced by.

This sonic journey is a culmination of a year echoing the challenges of coming of age, in which she faces challenges in navigating her heart and the world around her. A world made more intense by the strange and unprecedented time we are living in. The exploration of the themes of regret, forgiveness, friendship and ultimately, growth, and the hope for something greater, all stemming from the heart of personal experiences in the past are perfectly encapsulated in the album. It is an invitation to her listeners to peel off the layers and see the different dimensions of Shye as a musician and as an individual.

Shye, an 18 year old who’s born and bred in Singapore, writes, records and produces all her music in her bedroom. Shy by nature, this is where she does not shy away from letting her imagination take flight and letting her thoughts and feelings take form through her music. She is happy not to keep to the script but to write her own rulebooks as she goes along. The process of this self expression is both comforting and exhilarating at the same time. Her wish is that her music not only entertains, but speaks to her listeners on some personal level.

After winning the Vans Musicians Wanted show in 2018, Shye went on to win the “Best Song to Unwind to” award in the Youth Music Awards 2019 and performed for TedxSingaporeWomen, regional festivals such as Urbanscapes and Baybeats as well as opening for Clairo, SALES and Superorganism. Shye has also been featured previously by Mothership and FEMALE Magazine. Shye will be performing for Mediacorp Let’s Celebrate 2021 show alongside Jason Derulo, Benee, Conan Gray and Jeremy Zucker, lewloh, Ramengvrl and more.

Listen to i’m fine, no here

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