Student Jasmine Ng wins #EcoBeautySquad competition to become the face of THEFACESHOP

After a gruelling six months of virtual workshops and online challenges, leading Korean beauty brand THEFACESHOP has crowned Jasmine Ng as the winner of its #EcoBeautySquadSG campaign, making the 21-year-old law and business student the new face of THEFACESHOP, along with a grand prize worth up to S$15,000.

Jasmine’s win comes after plenty of hard work beating hundreds of other applicants and surviving multiple elimination rounds. In the grand finale held on 12th December, Jasmine was joined by 9 other finalists in a no holds barred showdown, comprising a series of challenges specially designed to test the girls on the skills they’d learnt during the workshop. These included creating signature looks, generating content to gain fans and followers, as well as using the best photography techniques for beautiful digital images. Jasmine was crowned the winner based on a combination of votes from the public and the judging panel’s scores.

“It has been an enriching and empowering journey for all the participants of the #EcoBeautySquadSG Campaign, especially the talented 10 who made it to the finale,” said Mr Steven Jeong, Business Director of LG Household & Health Care Sdn Bhd. “We congratulate Jasmine and look forward to working with her over the next 12 months on our upcoming campaigns!”

Launched in June to discover a young, influential personality to embody the brand’s ethos of real, natural beauty, participants from all over Singapore signed up for the chance to represent THEFACESHOP., with no prior experience required Over the course of the campaign, participants were not just competitors, but also on their own learning journeys towards becoming top beauty influencers in their own right, encouraging their followers to “Dare to Be”, with a little confidence and some help from THEFACESHOP’s all-natural products.

To be the best, the participants would also have to learn from the best. Throughout the #EcoBeautySquadSG campaignparticipants were mentored by popular social media personality and influencer Mong Chin Yeoh and guest experts in a series of virtual workshops, with each thematic workshop gradually eliminating 100 participants to the final 10. Ultimately it was down to the final challenge, where participants had just 10 minutes to create a 30-second product review video for social media, where Jasmine outshone her fellow competitors with her eloquence and creativity.

“It was a very holistic experience for participants throughout this journey. Today’s finale was also designed to mimic every situation a content creator will be in and has to perform in campaigns,” said mentor Mong Chin Yeoh, AKA @mongabong. “It has been my privilege to mentor these talented young individuals, to share my experience in beauty content creation and brand representation. I am immensely proud to see how far they have come, especially Jasmine, who was probably one of those who made the biggest improvement since the beginning of the competition. I’m also looking forward to seeing Jasmine in the next campaign of THEFACESHOP.”

With her win, Jasmine has taken home a comprehensive grand prize worth up to S$15,000, that includes a 12-month contract with THEFACESHOP, 12-month supply of THEFACESHOP’s range of products, a DSLR camera and a one-day pampering session courtesy of THEFACESHOP.

“I’m truly honoured and grateful to be the Grand Prize winner of THEFACESHOP’s #EcoBeautySquadSG campaign,” said Jasmine. “I’ve learnt so much on this journey and was given the opportunity to expand on my artistic capabilities. Through the many virtual challenges, we were constantly encouraged to experiment with THEFACESHOP products, and our mentor Mong was so willing to share tips about content creation as well as insights about the industry. I am very excited to be work closely with THEFACESHOP in the coming year!”

For more information on THEFACESHOP and the #EcoBeautySquad campaign terms and conditions, visit or follow the official social media channels on Facebook and Instagram

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