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Preview: Crazy Christmas Fun-raising Concert – Keep the DREAM Alive by Dream Academy

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As with all arts companies this year, Dream Academy has had to cancel most of their 2020 season, making the abrupt switch to producing digital content in lieu of live performances, and taking a hit to their finances. But with the slow and steady return of live theatre, Dream Academy is ready to welcome audiences back to their shows, with the return of their seasonal Crazy Christmas concert.

Following on from last year’s Crazy Grinch Asians, this year’s edition is all about fun – more specifically, ‘Fun-raising’. Titled ‘Keeping the DREAM Alive’, this year’s Crazy Christmas is an open invitation to friends, family and members of the public to celebrate the festivities together with one of Singapore’s favourite year-end revues. Taking place at the Esplanade Theatre, Dream Academy has also managed to get approval to almost double their capacity – from 100 to 250 seats per show, adding that much warmth with the presence of more people.

A family-friendly event suitable for all ages, Crazy Christmas 2020 is the ideal way to celebrate the end of a tumultuous year. Look out for iconic Dream characters Broadway Beng and the Dim Sum Dollies (with new member Jo Tan joining the lineup), alongside the singing and comedic talents of the ‘Neokelelims’ Neo Swee Lin and Lim Kay Siu, singing and acting talent Robin Goh, Vocaluptuous member John Lee, and Singapore’s Queen of Comedy – Kumar.

Beyond the local comedy sketches, standup numbers, and plenty of Christmas royalty-free songs and carols, Dream Academy is here to ensure that it’s not just a fun Christmas, but a safe one too. Besides cooperating to ensure all the Safe Management Measures put in place by The Esplanade, they will also be restricting capacity to five zones (Stalls, Foyer Stalls, Circle 1, Circle 2, Circle 3) of 50 people each per performance, in line with the approval received from the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Christmas at the end of a pandemic year doesn’t have to be a dour one, as Dream Academy’s Crazy Christmas spreads joy to all this December. Come with family, come with friends, or come alone – this is one Christmas concert that’ll have you dreaming of better days and a happier new year ahead.

Crazy Christmas Fun-Raising Concert – Keep the DREAM Alive plays from 15th to 20th December 2020 at the Esplanade Theatre. Tickets available from SISTIC

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