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Film Fanatic: Local filmmakers Tan Si En and Kris Ong launch new short film grant to support emerging filmmakers

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As part of Momo Film Co’s ongoing efforts to champion Southeast Asian short films, the company is launching the Momo Distribution Grant in partnership with C47 Investment, to support filmmakers with compelling stories to tell through the short film genre. The Momo Distribution Grant aims to create a springboard for emerging filmmakers from Southeast Asia, and to meet the gap filmmakers often face in distributing their short films. The grant will support up to five short films each year with a cash amount of S$800 each.

“At Momo Film Co, we believe that independent cinema provides a valuable space for a diverse variety of narratives to be shared. In a year where the pandemic has altered our industry and lives drastically, it is our commitment to support emerging Southeast Asian filmmakers.” say Tan Si En and Kris Ong, founders of Momo Film Co.

COO of C47 Investment, Sangchul Lee adds: “C47 Investment believes in supporting Southeast Asian talents and is excited to collaborate with Momo Film Co in helping filmmakers share their work with the world through Momo Distribution Grant.”

Momo Film Co is a boutique film agency founded by two Singaporean female filmmakers, producer Tan Si En and director/writer Kris Ong. Since 2018, the two twenty-seven year-olds have been working with emerging filmmakers across the Southeast Asian region to develop and distribute short films and features.

Applications for the Momo Distribution Grant will be open from 1st January to 28th February 2021. It is open to filmmakers of Southeast Asian nationality, for projects of all genres. Filmmakers should have made at least one short film that has screened at international festivals or programmes, but not made a feature length film before. The grant is not applicable to full-time students.

For more information, visit their website here

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