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Art What!: See How at the UltraSuperNew Gallery

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Will true love find a way? Will your career kick you in the rear? Could 2021 suck even harder?

UltraSuperNew Gallery Singapore presents See How – an exhibition inspired by oracle decks and tarot readings – that seeks to provide no answers.

Instead, as the clocks race towards the calendar markings of a year of monumental mishaps and most-definite-misfortune, over 30 artists lay their cards on the table, each with their own distinctive style and their respective perspectives on past, present and futures. Inappropriate dollops of tension/whimsy/joy/rumination included.

Artists such as Clogtwo, rreikemon, The Next Famous Artist and many more demonstrate their skill in digital art, paired with their own unique quips and perspectives. With a heady mix of illustrators, tattooists and graffiti artists, there’s bound to be work you could never have seen coming.

Pick a card. Frame a reminder. Find fortune in foolishness. Illustrate a destiny. Turn your life around. Who knows? You might end up exactly where you are, which is possibly a more perfect place than you imagined. Let some of Singapore’s favourite artists, emerging homegrown talent and UltraSuperNew’s own creators flip your perspectives on what was, what is and what may not be.

See How runs from 19th to 30th December 2020 at UltraSuperNew Gallery. More information available here

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