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Preview: Kumar’s Let’s Joget & Goreng Together by LA Comedy Live

After a year of doom and gloom, it’s always a joy to get to experience a laugh or two with some live comedy. And thankfully, LA Comedy Live is here to add even more laughs to our lineup, as they present Kumar’s ‘Let’s Joget & Goreng Together’ this March.

During the show, welcome Kumar back onstage, as he brings some much-needed laughter talking about Singapore’s favourite pastime eating! Joined by fellow Singapore-based comedians Sam See, Qam, and Deepak, let Kumar and co talk about Singapore food and how people consume food as they look back on the circuit breaker, and reflect on how food and eating habits have changed and united us all. From delivery services to home cooking, watch as Kumar shares his keen observations that’s sure to satisfy your cravings!

As one of Singapore’s most iconic Comedian, Kumar, needs no introduction. The famed performer rose to stardom from his cabaret nightclub acts and two decades of over-the-top performances on TV, stage and film. Kumar debuted in TV as one of the hosts of comedy chat program ‘The Ra Ra Show’ in 1993 and has been featured on various Singaporean shows since then.

Back then, LA Comedy Live Founder Lauretta Alabons was the host of Rolling Good Times with Douglas Oliverio. Both of them were on Primetime TV in Singapore and from the pioneer batch of local artists on the English TV Network – Channel 5. It took the COVID-19 shutdown for the two former colleagues from MediaCorp’s Channel 5 to plan for a comedy show this 2021.

“After television, me & Lauretta Alabons (LA Comedy Live’s Founder) went our separate paths to fulfil our careers & COVID brought us back through comedy,” says Kumar. “The world needs to laugh now more than ever & these shows will be a benefit to the mental wellness of Singaporeans.”

“Our paths did cross a few times over the years but COVID brought us together to makan, talk about old times, hug & take selfies,” adds Lauretta Alabons. “Truth is, I have always wanted to work with Kumar & it took COVID-19 to make this a reality. We have been cooped up and zoomed out, and we hope that this comedy show will give us all an opportunity to experience some joy & laughter during these times.”

Taking place for two nights only at the Esplanade Concert Hall, ‘Let’s Joget & Goreng Together’ also marks Kumar’s first headline comedy show & LA Comedy Live’s first local production since the COVID-19 shutdown. So celebrate this glorious return as Let’s Joget & Goreng Together hits the Esplanade Concert Hall this March.

Let’s Joget & Goreng Together plays on 5th and 6th March 2021 at the Esplanade Concert Hall. Tickets available from SISTIC

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