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Television Time: BBC Shows – March 2021


It’s going to be a March filled with incredible dramas and heart-warming stories with BBC studios. Starting with BBC First, viewers will be treated to the likes of Jodie Comer, Martin Freeman, Imelda Staunton and more in the contemporary drama, Talking Heads – an adaptation of Allan Bennett’s beloved series of stage monologues. Tackling topics such as grief, guilt and isolation, Talking Heads will penetrate the hearts of viewers with its powerful script and stellar acting.

In line with International Women’s Day, Chinese series, Hear Her, will premiere on 8th March. Inspired by BBC’s ‘Snatches: Moments from Women’s Lives’, Hear Her is a series of stories depicting key moments and struggles in a woman’s life. With topics ranging from parenting to domestic abuse and mid-life crises, the series aims to raise public awareness of women’s issues and help women’s voices be heard by society. The series is produced by highly acclaimed actress Vicki Zhao (Zhao Wei) and features some of China’s most popular actresses such as Yang Mi, Qi Xi and Hao Lei.

Finally, catch the true crime series – The Salisbury Poisonings. Based on the true story of the 2018 Novichok attack on a former Russian military officer and double agent for the British intelligence agencies, the critically acclaimed series centres around the heroic individuals who saved a community from a deadly contagion attack in Salisbury, England.

In addition to the dramas, viewers can also get a glimpse into the ever-evolving harsh living conditions of Alaska with the return ofLife Below Zero on BBC Earth. In this new season, catch the return of your favourite families and individuals as they strive to keep both themselves and their traditions alive in Alaska’s increasingly erratic weather. Also, follow a group of high-level corporate executives in Undercover Boss USA Series 10, as they walk in the shoes of their employees to uncover the difficulties they face and what they can do to better improve the lives of their beloved employees.

For the little ones, catch Andy Day as he returns for a brand new series of Andy’s Aquatic Adventures. Join him as he goes on more aquatic adventures with the help of his trusty tech-wizard friend Jen! From visiting a family of clownfish to disguising himself as a polar bear, Andy’s adventures will take your little one on a fun and educational journey.

Life Below Zero Series 8

Premieres 15th March, Monday at 9:55pm

Follow the icy adventures of Life Below Zero’s resilient characters as the series charts their day-to-day lives in Alaska. As Mother Nature becomes more erratic, survival in Alaska has never been more uncertain. The Hailstones fight to keep their native traditions alive as their family expands. Sue Aikens creates new tools to survive in the brutal, ever-changing tundra, and battles her aging mind and body in the process. Jessie Holmes and his sled dogs must learn to survive and thrive on their new land in Brushkana. Andy Bassich continues to teach his partner Denise Becker how to survive in a shifting landscape. And Ricko DeWilde continues the Athabaskan way of life, teaching his children the importance of continuing the family’s legacy in the Alaskan Interior.

Coast New Zealand Series 1 

Premieres 10th March, Wednesday at 9:00pm

Acclaimed historian Neil Oliver is joined by a team of local experts to celebrate New Zealand’s unique history, people, archaeology, geography and wildlife in this stunning new series. Shot with the trademark Coast award-winning cinematography, this series transports viewers to a picturesque paradise. With a wealth of intriguing tales and inspiring locations to draw from, this is a fun and informative tour of a remarkable coastline.

World’s Deadliest Weather Series 4

Premieres 19th March, Friday at 9:50pm

As global warming gathers pace this series tells front line stories from around the world of mother nature at her most brutal – be it hurricanes, tsunamis or raging bush fires. In this 13-part series you will hear harrowing first person testimony from people caught up in the middle of some of the most extreme and brutal weather events ever seen. They have survived to tell their tales and, perhaps more importantly for us, they have also managed to capture their ordeals on film. These are their stories. This is their footage.

Bake Off: The Professionals Series 3

Premieres 17th March, Wednesday at 7:30pm

Liam Charles and Tom Allen host the toughest Bake Off on TV. Twelve teams from top hotels, restaurants and small businesses compete to be crowned best patisserie team in Britain. Once again, judges Cherish Finden and Benoit Blin set exceedingly tricky challenges, to test the teams’ creativity and precision. From towering, skyline-inspired chocolate constructions, to geometric tarts with moving parts, these incredible creations showcase bakers at the peak of their profession. The competition is whittled down week by week, until finally the best three teams compete to be crowned the winner, by making a mind-blowing historical banquet for friends and family.

Undercover Boss USA Series 10

Premieres 18th March, Thursday at 9:20pm

Undercover Boss is the hit reality series that follows high-level corporate executives as they take the extraordinary step of going undercover in their own companies.

Eat Well For Less? Series 7 

Premieres 26th March, Friday at 9:20pm

Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin help families in the UK eat well for less.

Andy’s Aquatic Adventures Set 2 

Premieres 1st March, Mondays to Fridays at 8pm

The next epic instalment of the phenomenally successful, BAFTA-nominated brand, sees Andy jetting off on new animal-based adventures, meeting creatures who live near, or under, the water.

Andy works at Safari World, the biggest and best safari park on the planet. But when disaster strikes, he jets off in search of the animal that will help him put things right. It could be a blue whale, a bottlenose dolphin, a pygmy gecko… or a sarcastic fringehead! With stunning visual effects and CGI, this is the perfect introduction to wildlife for pre-schoolers.

Talking Heads

Premieres 5th March, Friday

Alan Bennett’s renowned monologues are remade with an extraordinary British cast – with two powerful new pieces added to the collection. Touching on universal themes such as guilt, grief and isolation, Bennett’s masterful monologues have always had a timeless quality. But they feel particularly relevant today. Actors including Jodie Comer, Martin Freeman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Sarah Lancashire and Maxine Peake bring Bennett’s haunting work to life with darkly captivating performances. With the actors talking directly to the camera, this is an exceptionally intimate dramatic experience. As the characters unburden their souls, there’s nowhere for the actors, or audience, to hide.

Hear Her

Premieres 8th March, Monday

Initiated by Vicky Zhao Wei and produced by Tencent Video, Hear Her is the China format of “Snatches: Moments from Women’s Lives”. These monologues will feature universal topics in women’s lives and are inspired by women who have spoken out, challenged the status quo or made a stand, often at great personal cost.

The Salisbury Poisonings 

Premieres 19th March, Friday

In March 2018, Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned in the small, picturesque city of Salisbury. The Salisbury Poisonings tells the story of this deadly crisis from the point of view of key figures directly involved, based on first-hand accounts and extensive research. We focus on Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey (Rafe Spall), who unknowingly contaminates himself in the line of duty, devastating his family, and Tracy Daszkiewicz (Anne-Marie Duff), local Director of Public Health, who battles to protect Salisbury residents before things spiral quickly out of control.

Death In Paradise Series 10

Premieres 26th March, Friday

The smash-hit whodunit returns, as D.I. Neville Parker attempts to solve a slew of mysterious murders in the sun-soaked Caribbean The hugely popular comedy-drama is back for its tenth anniversary series with its usual combination of baffling murders, intriguing puzzles and famous guest stars. There are also some big surprises in store – starting with the shock return of D.S Florence Cassell. Can Florence help Neville embrace life on the island? New characters turn up on shore – including 18-year-old petty criminal Marlon Pryce, who quickly stirs up trouble. The arrival of twins is the least of JP’s challenges as Marlon, and work, tests him to his limits. Meanwhile, Selwyn finds himself in the firing line and Catherine faces grave danger following the death of a friend.

Stath Lets Flats Series 2 

Premieres 1st March on BBC Player

Jamie Demetriou’s incompetent letting agent, Stath, is back to let more flats in this BAFTA-winning sitcom. Imbecilic agent Stath has just been denied a promotion at his family lettings business by his own father. Now he and the team are being forced to work under the management of the high-end estate agents next door, led by his nemesis Julian. This second series centres around the hapless yet well- meaning Stath rethinking his goals and what he truly wants out of life. Can Stath gain control of the business and finally make his mark?

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