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Music Is: Jason Yu releases EP ‘Ideals’ this March

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Singaporean singer-songwriter, Jason Yu has announced the release of his debut EP ‘Ideals’ on 12th March 2021. Available on all major digital streaming platforms, ‘Ideals’ will be released together with a new single titled, ‘I Miss You’ on the same day.

Home can mean different things to different people, be it a physical place or state of mind or the people in your life. With stripped-down lyrics and an easy guitar and piano accompaniment, the single, ‘I Miss You’ was written while Jason Yu was living abroad for a few years to pursue his studies. He explains: “More often than not, we take what’s already there for granted. I learnt that through being homesick while living abroad.  Home for me, encompasses its people, my family who are very important to me. This single is for them.”

With music influences from the likes of Dean Lewis, Beabadobee, and Collin Raye to name a few, the EP, ‘Ideals’, is a conceptual 5-track EP made up of standalone or personal stories and experiences in the form of Jason Yu injecting a fresh take into contemporary genres that make us collectively human. Ideals shape the way we live our lives and experience this world. Previously released singles including, Make Her Mine where the ideal motivates us to pursue what or who we want, Hearts Releases’, which idealizes on what-ifs and honesty, and ‘Now I Know’ which touches on the consequences of standing by our ideals, aptly expresses the spirit of the debut EP.

Jason Yu says, “To anyone and everyone who is listening to my music, don’t give up on your ideals. No matter what challenges we face, we should not let setbacks deter us from striving towards our goals. While they might bring about some pain, it’s also what helps to push us forward to give it our all, and to achieve what we want is all the more worth it.”

Listen to Ideals here. Jason Yu will also be showcasing an online concert on his social media channels on 14th March 2021, Sunday at 8.30PM. The accompanying music video for the single, ‘I Miss You’ will also be previewed during this session and published on the artist’s Youtube page on 17th March 2021, 3PM (SGT).

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