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Music Is: Lionel Tan of T’ang Quartet launches new music collective, Tangent Moves

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After nearly three decades, Lionel Tan, violist and founding member of Singapore’s acclaimed classical string ensemble T’ang Quartet, has moved on from the quartet – embarking on to another exciting phase.

He is taking on the role of mentorship to a brand new music collective, Tangent Moves. It is a rotating group of exemplary young musicians who are focused on exploring groundbreaking ways of performing, mentoring and honing their craft.

True to the spirit of discovery, the artists traverse a range of genres from classical and ambient to jazz and experimental, representing our next generation of musical talents. They are: Daryl Tay (guitar), David Loke (violin), Erwin Tan (trombone), Eugene Chew (double bass and electric bass), Jamshid Saydikarimov (cello), Joachim Theodore Lim (percussion), Jonathan Shin (piano), Martin Peh (violin and viola), Mervin Wong/Planeswalker (electronica and ambient), Rit Xu (flute), Ryan Sim (cello), and Yang Shuxiang (violin).

The collective aims to cultivate a restlessly innovative spirit across genres and disciplines to present new sounds for today’s audiences. Lionel says: “The young musicians in the current scene have this exciting “think-out-of-the-box” approach to music-making. They play classical but are also very innovative. It is this raw and exciting spirit that I want to harness and help develop to even greater heights for a younger audience.”

The collective is represented by 19SixtyFive which hopes to create new works by bringing different permutations of musicians together. The first project to kick off this collaborative series is Tangent, an EP anchored by David Loke Kai Yuan and DJ-turntablist-producer, KoFlow. Tangent is an intriguing dialogue between two worlds, classical and electronic. Made at Pasir Panjang Power Station, a decommissioned power station currently managed by 24OWLS, a subsidiary of 19SixtyFive, the organic creation between the musicians is captured in Tangent Moves #1.

Over the past few months, the pair recorded five original tracks – Call Me, Seeds, Tangent, Blues, and Night Stroll – which reveal new and exciting facets of their musicianship. By turns funky, soulful and playful, the songs justly celebrate the fruits of collaboration.

“I’m really excited to be part of Tangent Moves as this endeavour brings a whole bunch of really incredible musicians together to see what they can come up with,” David says. “KoFlow has been an amazing teacher and artist to collaborate with. I’ve truly learnt a ton from him and it’s so interesting to see his mind at work, and glimpse the sonic possibilities that he can conjure up. I know our listeners will be in for a really unique experience.”

KoFlow agrees, adding: “Different types of fertilisers contribute in their own way to the growth of a plant. This unique combination gives us a sense of where we belong. Together, we can trace the roots of our musical journey and where we are heading in the future. I hope this collaboration can tell a story of how far music has come.”

Tangent Moves #1 is now available on 19SixtyFive and 24OWLS, and on both artists’ Facebook and Instagram accounts. It gives an exclusive preview of the music journey of these two very different artists coming together, and showcases the music jointly created by them.

Listen to Tangent here

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