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Music Is: Mr Nice Guy releases second EP ‘Vol 2’

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Following the releases of the 80’s sounding pop and soul single, ‘Leave This City’ and electronic pop single ‘Bubble’, Hong Kong contemporary singer-songwriter Mr Nice Guy will be releasing his second EP, ‘Vol 2’ on 30 April 2021.  The EP will be released together with a brand-new collaborative single with fellow singer-songwriter, Marienne Felisilda, titled, ‘Holding Back The Tears’.

If the first EP, ‘Vol 1’ was Mr Nice Guy’s debut back into music as a singer-songwriter which covered his unconventional bluesy music technicalities, ‘Vol 2’ was born to test his pop sensibilities. “I wanted to hone my craft of songwriting very much, while paying tribute to other genres such as Pop, R&B and Soul that have influenced me very much in my music journey, while still maintaining my love for the Blues.”

The collaborative single, ‘Holding Back The Tears’ takes you back to that 90’s R&B bop, and includes a signature Mr Nice Guy guitar Blues solo as the bridge. The single paints a story of a couple who sees the red flags in their relationship, and yet continue to hold on to each other through bringing up only good memories of the past without resolving the existing issues while internally knowing it is probably best to move on.

Mr Nice Guy shares: “I wrote ‘Holding Back The Tears’ specifically with Marienne’s voice in mind! Her voice is out of this world. With the initial thought of what would happen if I married her voice with my guitar? Marienne was game-on from the get go, and it took us just 3 takes of recording, and time spent hanging with my family for the end result. I couldn’t be more grateful for this friendship forged, and for having her be part of this music experience.” 

Listen to Vol 2 here Follow Mr Nice Guy on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

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