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Viddsee original documentary series Memories on a Plate launched for Singapore HeritageFest

Food has always held a strong place in our hearts. Why? Because it’s never just about the taste; it’s about the memories and people associated with it. All this and more is captured in the new Viddsee original documentary series Memories On A Plate, celebrating local cuisine as it brings people together and provides a way to understand the world around us.

Directed by Ng Yiqin, each episode in the series features various individuals from a variety of backgrounds, as we explore their histories and relationships with food. Diving deep into their lives, from their families to their greatest life experiences, you’ll get up close and personal with their stories, as well as the cooking techniques and methodologies applied by them.

In the very first episode, for example, get introduced to Chef Dylan, who fuses modern French techniques into traditional Teochew cooking to remember his father’s love and hold on to his fading heritage. Or meet 91-year old Quah Cheong Hock, who uses his food as a silent expression of love for the whole family.

Appropriately, during the Hari Raya season, Madam Habibah lovingly serves a delicious helping of her beloved family recipes, while her grandson Azrie is determined to ensure those recipes live on. Or come to know how chemistry geek and local food heritage lover Ding Jie uses his knowledge to create modern interpretations of traditional recipes.

With the recent rise in xenophobia thanks to the pandemic, it’s time to dispel those prejudices as you get to know a group of young Indian migrant workers better, Karthik, Ubagarasamy, Nagarethinam and Arumugam show you how they recreate home through their mothers’ cooking. In a similar vein, domestic workers Sammi, Fadilah and Armi from Indonesian Family Network find joy and comfort in sharing dishes from back home, and in each other, a sense of kinship here in Singapore.

In all, Memories on a Plate offers a smorgasbord of stories for you to consume, in these short 3-8 minute clips to warm your soul Get to know these people, their families and their recipes, as you indulge in Viddsee’s new series giving you a taste of heart and home.

Photo Credit: Viddsee

Watch Memories on a Plate here. Find out more about the 2021 Singapore Heritage Festival here

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