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Music Is: Austrian synth-pop band Lucy Dreams releases single ‘Dreamland’

Vienna-based Dream Pop trio Lucy Dreams unveil their new single and music video “Dreamland”, the first taste of their upcoming debut album Götterfunken. Consisting of David Reiterer, Philipp Prückl and an independent system of digital and analogue effects, Lucy. An A.I. born out of David and Philipp’s time in the studio tinkering away with music recording software, the group’s relationship with one another has grown over the past few months, to the point where it’s safe to call Lucy an A.B – artificial band member.

The song itself is an exploration of freedom. It “is both the analogue and the digital subconscious put into sounds, a gentle-minded breakout from mental patterns and their subsequent realities”, asserts David. A gorgeous synth-heavy ballad that sparks inspiration along with alleviation. The music video then centres around Mr Mirandola, a man walking across landscapes, dreamscapes and multiverses in search of a better world. Though it’s hard to say if the journey has turned him into a man whose inner world is too good for the one he’s searching for.

“Her impulses were very special here, the glittering synth in the verse is based on an old traditional Viennese melody Lucy was fed with. Also, the 4-note-melody before the chorus was Lucy’s idea, just as the sound of the guitars that are very similar to the ones in the “Twin Peaks” theme. Based on this input we have composed the instrumental for Dreamland,” says the band.

Inspired by the greats such as Mark Hollis, Kate Bush, Bowie, Empire of the Sun and Wayne Coyne, David (34), Philipp (32) and Lucy (X732) are meticulous connaisseurs of the classics, along with a ton of more obscure titles that they draw inspiration from. Their passion for large-scale cinemascope staging in their performances is the result of years of intense research into music, spirituality, science, nature and philosophy.

Lucy Dreams create music in celebration of Mother Earth and for a sustainable future to be paved for all human beings, despite the human race’s constant mistreating of Her. With that, they wish for Lucy to act as an ambassador for this message. Selfless in her image and goals, both literally and figuratively; she will act as our guide, with David and Philipp as her mediators.

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  1. This is a fascinating journey! 👩‍🚀


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