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Music Is: Wave Producer spli+shifts releases debut single “Synthesis”

Breaking onto the local music scene is Spli+shifts, a wave trap producer from Singapore, with his debut single “Synthesis”.

An architect and landscape designer by day, Spli+shifts adopted his name as a moniker to constantly remind himself of the never-ending hustle between work and passion, is an electronic producer based in Singapore who explores on genre bending sounds with drops of trap and hiphop influences. His synth sound selections taps onto genres with the likes from Wave & Ambient samples that are then celebrated with grooves inspired by Trap and Boombap sources.

With “Synthesis”, Spli+shifts aims to provide a space for listeners to dwell in the after-hours through his music, specifically for the creative insomniacs, and strongly influenced by the late night sounds created by similar wave producers like Noah B, Klimeks and Sorsari.

When we first listened to it in the middle of the night, we found the track haunting, evoking a different world in the darkness of the city, and putting us in an almost psychedelic state as we leaned back and let our mindscape take over. Synthesis invites a degree of synaesthesia with its layered beats and vocals, and marks a promising start to Spli+shifts’ professional musical journey, and if this is anything to go by, more music we’d be rocking out to at the end of a long day.

Listen to Synthesis, now out on all digital streaming platforms here Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud and YouTube

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