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Music Is: Local doctor Shonn makes music debut with single ‘Worth The Wait’

Being a healthcare hero over the last year has been an exhausting affair, with the ever-changing and still-present coronavirus pandemic at hand. Amidst the madness though, one doctor has found the time to pursue his passions outside of the medical field, as local musician Shonn releases his very first single, “Worth The Wait”.

“Worth the Wait” was released on 25th June, and cements Shonn’s folksy-pop sound, with a soulful voice somewhat reminiscent of artists such as Vance Joy. The single was released alongside an accompanying music video that was filmed at Coney Island, depicting Shonn with a girl, simply enjoying their time together, and encapsulates the song’s message of falling in love with someone you feel you’ve waited your whole life for.

“Worth the Wait” is also the precursor to Shonn’s upcoming 5-song EP “Solace”, set for release sometime soon, where the other songs will express his life experiences, personal struggles, and the ups and downs of romantic relationships.

Shonn (real name Shaun Tan) is a 26-year old doctor currently working at the heart of the frontlines in the Emergency Department at NUH. He describes his music style as emotive acoustic-driven melodies, and learnt music when he taught himself to play the guitar and wrote his first song at the age of 15. He has always felt drawn towards songwriting as a way of expressing his thoughts and emotions.

For Shonn, he hopes that he not only continues to heal others in his profession, but also through his music, and perhaps, eventually make waves in the industry. Says Shonn: “People need healing not just physically but emotionally, and music is a powerful tool to bring solace to the soul.”

Listen to Worth The Wait on Spotify. Follow Shonn on Instagram and Facebook

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