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Music Is: Thaddeus Lin releases single ‘Hey Son’

Local singer-songwriter Thaddeus Lin has released new single ‘Hey Son’ on all major streaming platforms. (Spotify, Apple music, Deezer, Amazon etc.)

Not wanting to grow up and having to take on ‘big adult’ responsibilities are instinctive thoughts that appear in our minds every so often. ‘Hey Son’ is an open letter written to our past-selves. It illustrates a conversation of an adult to his/her inner child – with a mellow tone, memorable lyrics, and laid-back folk arrangement. Written and recorded in the heartland of Singapore, ‘Hey Son’ was produced by Thaddeus Lin and was released on 18th June.

‘Hey Son’ is the first single of a full-length Indie-Folk album that Thaddeus will be releasing throughout this year – gradually threading into an illustrative story about the realities of growing up. Follow him on Spotify to get a first-hand experience in the story unraveling in the other songs of his upcoming debut album.

Listen to Hey Son here Follow Thaddeus Lin on Spotify, Facebook and Instagram.

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