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Film: Golden Village to release BLACKPINK THE MOVIE this August

With how much popularity they’ve enjoyed, international K-Pop superstars BLACKPINK need no introduction. With a legion of fans from all across the world, JISOO, JENNIE, ROSÉ, and LISA are celebrating the 5th anniversary of their debut with the theatrical release of the film BLACKPINK THE MOVIE, coming to Golden Village cinemas in Singapore from 4th August.

BLACKPINK’s claim to fame is remarkable, with their debut reaching the top of every record chart in Korea within only four hours of its release, announcing a splendid arrival of “the monster rookie.”

Five years later, BLACKPINK has risen to worldwide stardom thanks to its members’ exceptional talents and performance far beyond the realms of “K-POP” and “Girl Group.” Each member of BLACKPINK possesses distinctive talent such as vocal, dancing, rapping, and musical skills while boasting perfect chemistry among the members. Naturally, BLACKPINK radiates infinite charms flashy as the colour “Pink” and intense as the colour “Black.”

In commemoration of BLACKPINK’s debut, “BLACKPINK THE MOVIE” will be released this August in more than 100 nations worldwide. Where available, the audience will be able to enjoy the film on various formats around the world including “ScreenX”; an expanded three-screen system utilizing the front screen as well as the side walls of a theater, “4DX”; the world’s first commercial multi-sensory theater providing a cathartic experience as though in an actual live concert, and “4DX Screen”; a combination of both “ScreenX” and “4DX.”

While BLACKPINK THE MOVIE is a celebration of BLACKPINK’s 5th debut anniversary, it is also a special gift for “BLINK”—BLACKPINK’s beloved fandom—to revisit unforgettable memories and enjoy the passionate performances in festive spirit. The film consists of diverse sequences focused on each and every member of BLACKPINK, some of which are: “The Room of Memories”; a segment looking back on five years of memories since BLACKPINK’s debut, “Beauty”; compelling shots of all four members with their distinct characteristics, “Exclusive Interviews”; a message for the fans.

Furthermore, the re-edited versions of the live performances from “THE SHOW” (2021), “IN YOUR AREA” (2018), and a dozen more hit songs by BLACKPINK will unfold on the screens to provide BLINK with a touching experience as though they are actually at fan meeting events and live concerts.

BLACKPINK THE MOVIE opens from 4th August at Golden Village. Tickets available here

Receive a limited edition commemorative A3 poster with every purchase of “Blackpink The Movie” ticket at Gemini, GV Funan. Poster will be ready for collection at the box office on the screening date.

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