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Preview: The Concubine by Isaiah Christopher Lee

Since we first witnessed his work in 2018, independent theatre maker Isaiah Christopher Lee has been hard at work over the last three years, developing himself and expanding his theatrical knowledge. All of that is set to culminate in a brand new work this July – a monodrama that will also be starring Isaiah.

Titled The Concubine, the 90-minute semi-autobiographical work sees Isaiah playing a young man fresh from a breakup. With the uncertainty that lies ahead, he must return to his past and revisit the people he has loved and lost, and his past traumas. These stories are intertwined with tales of various concubines from different literary and performative traditions – the set up for a clash of cultures and traditions from different time periods and geographical locations. In the end, he must learn to come to terms with what he is given, and grow with every new challenge life throws at him.

The Concubine was co-written by both Isaiah and Izzul Irfan (last seen in Zeugma’s T0701), and will be directed by Adeeb Fazah, who also directed Isaiah’s debut play The Old Woman and the Ox in 2018. With lighting design by Ian Pereira (Fika and Fishy) and sound design by Ng Sze Min (Heather), The Concubine brings together various freelance artists in an independent production that focuses on what it’s like to be a young person today, navigating a new world while bearing the burden of the past.

The Concubine plays from 14th to 18th July 2021 at the Drama Centre Black Box. Tickets available here

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