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Music Is: Thaddeus Lin releases single ‘Mornin’ Song’

Local singer-songwriter Thaddeus Lin’s latest single ‘Mornin’ Song’, is now available on all major streaming platforms. To quote the lyrics, “In a bed of sound the moon died out again”, showcasing the song’s concern with nightly sleeplessness and the noise in one’s head over a relationship.

The morning musings of a stranger in a tug-of-war relationship – to give his all or give it up. ‘Mornin’ Song’ breaks down the complex emotions of a lover into words and melody as he tries to navigate his feelings towards someone special. The track is a blend of lush harmonies paired with sparkling embellishments. After the release of ‘Hey Son’, ‘Mornin’ Song’ is a follow up song about exploring the reality of modern relationships, including the joys and struggles of it. 

‘Mornin’ Song’ is the second release of a full-length Indie-Folk album that Thaddeus will be releasing throughout this year – something along the lines of growing up. Follow him on Spotify to get a first-hand experience in the storytelling sequence along his other songs.

Listen to Mornin’ Song here Follow Thaddeus Lin on Spotify, Facebook and Instagram.

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