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Music Is: Indonesian singer Rinni Wulandari and with Rapper Willy Winarko release ‘Underrated’

Since their first collaboration back in 2015 for ‘Independent Girl, Indonesian R&B singer Rinni Wulandari, and rapper and radio host Willy Winarko have reunited this time to drop a brand new single, ‘Underrated’. Out on 30 July 2021, Friday, the single is taken off Rinni Wulandari’s upcoming album, ‘Skins’, which is slated to be released in August 2021. Infusing 90’s R&B, soul, and rap, the ‘Underrated’ pays homage to Rinni Wulandari’s love for all things 90’s and collaborative.

“I have been an artist for more than over a decade. I think it’s important for my music to be always and ever-evolving while staying true to the music that has influenced me including the international artists I idolize such as Christina Aguilera, Faith Evans, Mary J. Blige,” says Rinni. “‘Underrated’ pretty much sums up my music career where I am constantly feeling like an underdog and wanting to work on more creative ways to improve and serve my music to the world. Music has been my form of expression and it is what makes me feel like me, it feels right.”

Rinni Wulandari’s upcoming album, ‘Skins’ is slated for release in August 2021. It will also include previous singles that were released in 2020 such as ‘Born Ready’, ‘Keep On Movin’ and ‘Feel Good’. ‘These singles that make up my upcoming album represent the layers of life experience that has shaped me into the person I am today.’, the singer notes. More information will be shared in the upcoming weeks.

Listen to Underrated on Spotify. Follow Rinni Wulandari on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Tik Tok.

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