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Preview: An Audience With No One by Bored Whale Theatre

Following on from their debut production in May, it seems that nothing, not even a pandemic, can stop Bored Whale Theatre, with their sophomore production arriving this September.

Written and directed by Wisely Chow, An Audience with No One may sound like an absurdist play from its title alone, but in fact, takes on a far more supernatural slant. You know the vampire greats, from Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire, to Let The Right One In, to What We Do In The Shadows. Now, get ready as two brand new vampires are introduced to the local stage.

Meet Talia and Charlie, the last remaining vampires on Earth. They’ve lived a relatively simple existence with each other up till now. That is, until a third vampire, Maya, arrives. With this, they have to relearn what it means to be in the shadows, how to survive without seeing your reflection and what does it mean to feel the sunlight, something that could be their end on their cold and heavy skin again.

Starring Indumathi Tamilselvan, Masturah Oli and Matthias Teh, get ready for some frank discussions on hard-hitting human subjects, and of course, bloodsucking, as An Audience with No One premieres this September.

An Audience with No One plays from 8th to 11th September 2021 at Goodman Arts Centre Black Box. Tickets available from Peatix

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