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Music Is: Thaddeus Lin releases single ‘Grass Field’

Local singer-songwriter Thaddeus Lin has released a new single ‘Grass Field’, a dreamy nostalgic lullaby that brings listeners into a state of tranquility.

It conveys a sense of nonchalance in escaping societal pressures and to allow oneself to embark on a quiet getaway, gradually arriving at a state of solace. The track is a blend of ebb and flow of plucked guitars paired with a unique poem-like ‘3 verses’ structure. ‘Grass Field’ details the beauty in unwinding by using music and atmospheric ambient sounds to ease weary souls.

This track also acts as a sequel to the previous chapters – ‘Hey Son’, ‘Mornin’ Song’ & ‘Runaway’. All of which are songs that celebrate the outliers that won the courage to run away to a better place, paving a story of not wanting to grow up surrounded by the pressures of society. 

Listen to Grass Field here Follow Thaddeus Lin on Spotify, Facebook and Instagram.

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