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Film: ‘The Medium’ Soars At The Weekend Box Office

The second weekend box office for The Medium was up by $25,000, or 29%, compared to its first weekend – a rare feat for an independent Asian horror!

The Medium took in SGD $111,100 from 19th to 22nd August and collected a total of SGD $300,000 to date. Despite an ordinary weekend with no public holidays, performance spiked and the film ranked third over the 4-day weekend, suggesting that Singaporeans are hungry for good horror films and always ready for a good scare!

MovieRelease DateOpening Weekend(12 – 15 August)2nd Weekend(19 – 22 August) Box OfficeTo Date
THE MEDIUM12-Aug-2021$86,000$111,100$300,000 

“As a filmmaker, I’m very glad and excited to hear that the box office result of the second weekend surpassed the first weekend numbers. I’m very grateful for the support from the Singapore audience for The Medium and wish that I could be in Singapore to see their reaction and thank them in person.” said Director Banjong Pisanthanakun.

Top 5 Weekend (19 – 22 August) Box Office Chart

 MovieRelease DateRatingScreen CountWeekend Box Office(19-22 Aug)Total Box OfficeTo Date
1FREE GUY12-Aug-2021PG1390$224,100$512,000
2RAGING FIRE19-Aug-2021NC1648$181,500$410,000
3THE MEDIUM12-Aug-2021M1820$111,100 $300,000
4THE SUICIDE SQUAD5-Aug-2021M1892$111,000$955,000
5JUNGLE CRUISE29-Jul-2021PG13133$60,500$868,000

The film opened over the Hungry Ghost Festival on 12th August and sneaked from 6th to 9th August.

The Medium is directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun, known for horror hits like Shutter and Pee Mak, and produced by Na Hong-jin of The Wailing.

The film tells a horrifying story of a shaman’s inheritance in the Isan Region of Thailand, and what could be possessing a family member might not be the goddess they make it out to be. 

The Medium is distributed by Golden Village Pictures in Singapore. Tickets available here

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