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Preview: Goodman Grows 2021 promotes an eco-friendly community

Goodman Arts Centre will be collaborating with Cultivate Central to present Goodman Grows – a socially-driven community farm and art project  connecting artists, food growers, nature and community. Cultivate Central is a Permaculture Design outfit which promotes the concept of working with nature, communities whilst growing regenerative food gardens. Goodman Grows will take place from September – November 2021.

AHL’s Goodman Grows is a new signature project aimed at encouraging Goodman Arts Centre’s arts tenants and the public to embrace eco-friendly practices such as reducing food waste, composting, growing produce, recycling and protecting biodiversity, while engaging with nature and arts & culture in an urban community farm setting.

“Through Goodman Grows, we hope to encourage opportunities for our artists to collaborate and create nature-themed experiences for the public. Families can look forward to participating in a series of art and gardening activities while learning about maintaining an eco-friendly environment,” says Ken Tan, Senior Director, Programming and Producing at Arts House Limited.

“Goodman Grows will be a beautiful and bountiful regenerative community farm. The energy and vibrancy in the space will come alive through collaboration with artists and tenants. The space will inspire compelling creative eco experiences that will connect communities to the space, ecosystems, growing food and nature. Goodman Grows will help spark conversations and help our community do what they can towards living sustainably,” adds Nova Nelson, Permaculture Designer & Founder, Cultivate Central.

Goodman Grows aims to build an engaged community of arts and nature ambassadors through three programming tracks. Part of the programme involves transforming the open outdoor space located close to Block B into a community farm inspired by Permaculture Design and regenerative gardening principles.

Shape – Transform pockets of outdoor spaces into a community farm filled with biodiversity and beauty. Besides showcasing regenerative and closed loop food systems this community farm will inspire interdisciplinary collaborations and strong community engagement with artist tenants and the public. Artists based at Goodman Art Centre will play a role in shaping, creating programmes and art in the Goodman Grows space.

Share – Throughout this programme Cultivate Central together with artists at Goodman Arts Centre will design, develop and deliver interdisciplinary eco-arts–gardening-food–nature themed workshops, content, stories, trails, demonstrations, experiences, online programmes for the public.

Show – Showcase the space, nature and a community embarking on a path towards positive environmental progress through their art and practice, daily actions, community market and solutions.   

Participants will be able to enjoy the fruits of our labour through the series of events and activities listed below. Besides the conversion of selected open spaces at Goodman Art Centre into a regenerative community farm, the Goodman Grows initiative will curate and present a multitude of experiences for its community from September – November:

  • Over 15 creative workshops and experiences for different age groups
  • 7 eco living and gardening workshops
  • 6 regenerative gardening and composting briefings for tenants and artists
  • over 12 volunteer sessions
  • 9 online talks
  • 2 trails
  • Engagement with close to a dozen artists actively involved in the space and creative programming
  • a Down to Earth Market
  • 3 artists installations in the space

Find out more about the events here

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