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Preview: Unmasked by Sharul Channa

While better known for her stand up comedy, Sharul Channa’s roots actually lie in theatre, something she’s delved into with more dramatic roles, and even as a director, with shows like Papa back in 2019. Now, she’s jumping back into the theatrical fray, as she tackles the COVID-19 crisis head on with her new work Unmasked.

Both written and directed by Sharul, Unmasked follows Nakul Chandrakant Dalvi, an Indian expat living in Singapore who has not visited his hometown for the last two years, ever since COVID-19 struck. In Unmasked, Nakul explores the idea of ‘home’ and asks himself difficult questions about his own identity in the backdrop of living on this little red dot. Should he go back home to see his parents, risking his employment status, putting at stake his career and his child’s education? Is he Singaporean enough, and most importantly – is he Indian enough? 

Starring Amit Arun Joshi, Veena Bangera, and Priyashree Deorukhkar, come on this journey exploring ideas of home, belonging and self-identity, as Sharul and her team present Unmasked this October.

Unmasked plays from 20th to 24th October 2021 at the Drama Centre Black Box. Tickets available from Peatix

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