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Film Fanatic: Golden Village presents the 12th Love & Pride Film Festival this October

If it’s one film festival we look forward to every year, it’s Golden Village’s annual Love & Pride Film Festival. Despite being one of Singapore’s biggest multiplexes, the queer film festival has always been a mainstay of the annual release schedule, curating a selection of the latest international LGBT+ films, a rarity in conservative Singapore.

Now in its 12th edition, this year’s festival runs from 14th to 24th October centres on the theme of ‘Bringing untold stories to light’, shedding light on new points of views within society. These include opening film See You Then, where two exes reunite after a decade, as they catch up on their complicated lives and relationships.

Meanwhile, audiences can also look forward to the release of Valentina, a multi-award winning Brazilian film about a 17-year-old transgender girl, moves to the countryside of Brazil with her mother Márcia to start fresh. The film marks trans actress Thiessa Woinbackk’s debut, with the film reflecting the real life hardships that society forces a strong young woman to endure and embrace who she is.

Asian cinema gets its time in the spotlight as well, with House of Hummingbird, a coming-of-age story about a Korean teenager trying to figure out who they are in a time of upheaval. Also look out for the award-winning Hong Kong film Suk Suk, telling the tale of two closeted married men in their twilight years who meet each other in a park, recounting and recall their personal histories, while also contemplating a possible future together.

In the same vein as Suk Suk, French film Two of Us follows retired women Nina and Madeleine, who are secretly deeply in love for decades. From everybody’s point of view, including Madeleine’s family, they are simply neighbours living on the top floor of their building. They come and go between their two apartments, sharing the tender delights of everyday life together. Until the day of their relationship is turned upside down by an unexpected event leading Madeleine’s daughter to slowly unveil the truth about them.

Other highlights of the festival include the release of the wildly popular and heartrending Portrait of a Lady on Fire, as an aristocrat and painter begin an affair in late 18th century France, as well as Supernova, where Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci play a happy gay couple – except death and dementia lurks around the corner.

“We are delighted to bring back our most anticipated Love & Pride Film Festival. Since its first edition in 2008, the response for this festival has been positively overwhelming,” said Ms. Clara Cheo, Chief Executive Officer of Golden Village Multiplex. “With this festival, we want to shine a spotlight on stories that shed light on different perspectives through thought-provoking bodies of work. Each film is curated with the intention to give a holistic view on the LGBTQ+ community and we are excited for audiences to enjoy them.”

The 12th Love & Pride Film Festival runs from 14th to 24th October 2021 across GV Grand, Suntec City and VivoCity. More information on tickets and films available here

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