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Preview: The Lobby by Impromptu Meetings

Following their Teachers’ Day special back in September, Singapore based independent theatre collective Impromptu Meetings are back this December, and finally move from the online space to their first full stage production this year.

Directed and written by Adeeb Fazah, The Lobby follows two workers at a rundown hostel – Abby and Min Lee (Cheryl Tan Yun Xin and Miriam Cheong). Business seems to be as per usual on the night shift, until they discover one of the bags in the lobby is holding an alarmingly large amount of cash. From there, they are, for once, given a chance to dream and aspire. However, with it also comes the opportunity to turn against one another.

Originating from Idea Bootcamp, Impromptu Meetings’ theatre creation pedagogical practice in development, The Lobby is a simultaneously droll and frank look at class relations in Singapore. With their modern sense of humour and quick wit, get ready to witness the clash of the classes, as The Lobby premieres this December.

The Lobby plays from 3rd to 6th December 2021 at Goodman Arts Centre Black Box. Tickets available from Eventbrite

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