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Music Is: Chasing Daylight releases new single “Tragedy”

Having released their cry of fighting inner wars of a single, ‘Deserter’ in July this year, Singapore alternative-rock band Chasing Daylight are back to round off the year with ‘Tragedy’, the latest from the band which pays tribute to the true revolutionaries.

In a year of global economic disruption, medical catastrophe, state police failures, and continuing riots, the single, ‘Tragedy’ questions current ideas of human positivity. Frontman of Chasing Daylight, Yap Wei Chiang explains, “Critical theorist Eric Cazdyn once wrote, “Crisis is not what happens when we go wrong, crisis is what happens when we go right.”, arguing that our world in its endless crisis state is actually “chronic” and robs us of individual agency and revolution. This has opened my way of thinking, questioning, and living.”

As with the band’s previous single releases including ‘You Are The Song’ and ‘Deserter’, Chasing Daylight has continuously stepped out of their comfort zones. This time taking the theme of rebellious deconstructionism, and charting into unexplored sonic territories by amalgamating genres from Cyberpunk to Hyper-pop to Screamo to Alt-rock to Rap for this new single. 

“‘Tragedy’ is all about the struggle to find a language for our individual revolutions. This was written from a place of great dissatisfaction, dissonance, and disillusionment with the world in its present state. You only have to turn on the news, take a look at the past two years of global politicking, military takeovers, police injustices, vaccine disparity, sexual inequality, and late-capitalist exploitation, to feel that maybe the Nihilists had a point. What happens if we stop clinging onto the precipice of ‘normal’, and allow ourselves to free fall into the dark abyss of a world that we have not yet imagined? ‘Tragedy’ is that invitation to fall.” Wei Chiang adds on. 

Teaming up with Brooklyn-based visual graphics and animator Mikaela Kauffman, Chasing Daylight released their first-ever full narrative music video on the same day as the single. The video features an office worker trying to escape a dystopian future.

Listen to Tragedy here. Follow Chasing Daylight on FacebookInstagram and Youtube.

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