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Music Is: Indonesian Electronic Duo, Soundwave, release new single ‘Automatic Restart’

Indonesian electronic husband and wife duo Jevin Julian and Rinni Wulandari are back with a bolder sound and more badass image overhaul, announcing the release of their single, ‘Automatic Restart’. Made available on 11 November 2021, Thursday on all major digital streaming platforms, this will be the duo’s first single taken forth their upcoming debut album, ‘RE/SET’ which is slated to be released in Q3 of 2022.

Having met through a local music competition show, The Remix, Soundwave started performing and building their fan base through the competition itself. Since clinching the Vice Champion award of The Remix, both Jevin Julian and Rinni Wulandari have continued releasing music as solo artists in their own right, as well as singles together as a an electronic music project under Soundwave. With the upcoming album, ‘RE/SET’ tells the story of Soundwave’s journey from Day 1 up till now, starting with it’s infectious first single ‘Automatic Reset, that was the starting point for the duo to do bigger and better than what they already are.

Jevin Julian explains, “We have been on a slow single release hiatus for some time now, and in between our own solo projects, we’ve gotten married, have a kid that we adore beyond anything else, but also, we felt it was a good time to get back into the game with Soundwave. The track ‘Automatic Reset’ is really all about hitting reset and coming back with a fresher, bolder sound of our own, coupled with a more badass image of us as an independent duo compared to when we first started out.”

“With the respite due to the Covid pandemic, we have been fortunate to have time to work on our own music. Now that we have gotten our solo album projects out of the way (for now), it’s the perfect time to focus on us as Soundwave. It’s as though we’ve been reborn since getting inspired and have gained more experience as artists and growing adults over the last few years. It’s the dawn of a new era and the beginning of everything else for Soundwave and we’re back to claim our musical thrones. We can’t wait for all of you to join us on our album ‘RE/SET’ journey together.” Rinni Wulandari adds.

Working together with multinational electronics company, ASUS, the music video will feature one of its latest gaming laptops, the ASUS Zephyrus G14 AW SE, alongside the many pop culture movies and Kpop inspired aesthetics for the accompanying music video.

Listen to Automatic Restart here. Follow Soundwave on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok

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