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Preview: Writing with AI by Emergency Stairs

Liu Xiaoyi has continually been dabbling in experimental theatre, and in his latest venture, the Artistic Director of Emergency Stairs continues his exploration of new theatre forms through the “No More Theatre” series.

Premiering online this February, his new experiment, Writing with AI, examines how humans co-write theatrical scripts with artificial intelligence and conduct comparative studies on the scripts written by humans and AI. During the programme, audiences are invited to watch eight monologues written by humans and/or AI. As the Turing Test by famed British inventor Alan Turing posits, can you tell which plays were written by humans or robot?

Featuring the works of playwrights Judee Tan, Sim Yan Ying, Huang Suhuai, Regina Toon Yuan Min, through this experiment, the team attempts to develop a new methodology, and to excavate a new way of creation with the concept of crossing over of art and technology. More importantly, they hope to rethink and review the relationship and the future of art and technology. This February, come see just how far AI has come, as Emergency Stairs presents Writing with AI.

Writing with AI will run on 11th February (English showcase) and 12th February (Chinese showcase, with English surtitles). Tickets available on Eventbrite

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