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Sports: HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens 2022 team captains get a taste of Singapore

First row (From left to right): Paulin Riva (France), Phil Berna (Canada), Nicholas Andrew Malouf (Australia), Tevita Daugunu (Fiji), Sam Dickson (New Zealand), Alex Davis (England), Javier De Juan Roldán (Spain), Herman Humwa (Kenya) Second row (From left to right): Jamie Farndale (Scotland), Kevon Williams (USA), Melani Matavao (Samoa), Siviwe Soyizwapi (South Africa), Billy Dardis (Ireland), Gaston Revol (Argentina), Luke Treharne (Wales)

The team captains of the 2022 HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens experienced a taste of Singapore and gave a preview of their sporting prowess on Wednesday (6 April) ahead of the event this weekend, as they demonstrated their skills in popular traditional games five stones and chapteh. The players also sampled some well-loved local snacks – ondeh ondeh, curry puffs and kueh lapis – and sipped teh tarik (translated to mean pulled tea), a drink whose name is derived from the process of pouring (or “pulling”) tea with milk between two cups during its preparation. These activities took place on the sidelines of a photo shoot for the captains at the Dragon Playground at Toa Payoh. Featuring the head of a dragon decorated with terrazzo tiles and a spine of colourful steel rails, the Dragon Playground is one of the few remaining vintage playgrounds in Singapore. It remains a staple playtime feature for locals since its completion in 1979. 

HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens 2022 runs from 9th to 10th April 2022 at the National Stadium. Tickets available here For the full schedule of HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens, please refer here

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