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Tag: april

Review: A Clockwork Orange by Teater Ekamatra

Teater Ekamatra drags audiences into a dangerous dystopia where nothing and nobody can be trusted. Across the history of dystopian fiction, there is perhaps none quite as visceral and teetering […]

Review: The Wonderland Cabaret by Andsoforth

Andsoforth’s naughty side is realised in full with this curious cabaret. When Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland in 1865, chances are he never imagined it would ever be adapted into […]

Touring The UK 2020: Sister Act UK Tour 2020

LONDON – A brand new UK production of smash hit musical Sister Act has been announced by producers Jamie Wilson and Whoopi Goldberg (yes, THE Whoopi Goldberg of from the original film). Opening at […]