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Art What!: Escape Everything! at UltraSuperNew Gallery

This July and August, UltraSuperNew Gallery presents ESCAPE EVERYTHING! a group exhibition by artists Christine Lok, joaen and Natalie Ng navigate the seemingly inescapable maze of their post-pandemic thoughts. 

In the past few years, life as we know it changed drastically. Routines were interrupted, we were trapped in our homes (the yearning for bubble tea was REAL) and Trace Together tokens were all the rage. We had to adjust to work from home schedules and almost immediately, we’re back to searching for where we left off. This frenzy of events has left us in disarray and we’ve almost lost sense of how to pick ourselves back up. 

The artists have ventured possibilities in their own preferred mediums, mainly being paintings, sketches, linocut, batik and video art. Enter the gallery/maze and take a breather: observe the little details that reside in Natalie Ng’s acrylic and oil paintings and sketches. 

Take a short stroll till you arrive at your next destination, being joaen’s linocut and batik works. Contemplate the figures and figure (hah) out your next move. The stark contrast between the two artists are apparent. From a place of calm, you’re almost immediately confronted with feelings of angst and aggression. Seems familiar?

As you wander on, you’re bombarded with a sea of crazy bright colours. Neon pinks, blues, greens and yellows. Christine Lok’s short clips of distorted scenery and repetitive motions mimic videos which run rampant in the online world. We use technology to scour the interwebs for entertainment (TikTok blew up during the lockdown) and information (to spoof off of or learn from). With the right passcodes, creating new possibilities for seeing, feeling and being is within reach. Or even more so than before.

The young trio transforms the gallery space into an imaginative playground as they describe their artworks as ropes, ladders, and tunnels. To chart new routes, connections and paths to venture new possibilities to maintain their sanity and escape the mundane – to ESCAPE EVERYTHING! 

The artists perceive sensations as a connector to and from all points of being, and co-conspirators to be leveraged on. As such, they’ve employed a number of mediums to chart a rhizomatic map connecting nothing to everything. This has initiated exploration and culminated in different coping mechanisms and experiments to gain inspiration from.

Escape Everything! runs from 30th July to 7th August 2022 at UltraSuperNew Gallery Singapore. More information available here

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