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By The Book: Finalists for the inaugural Storytel Epigram Horror Prize announced

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Epigram Books and Storytel are pleased to announce the eleven finalists of the Storytel Epigram Horror Prize 2022. These winning entries will be anthologised and published by Epigram Books and released in an audiobook format by Storytel.

The anthology, Fright 1, will feature all eleven winning entries and is slated to be released in November 2022. The finalists are Meihan Boey, Dew M. Chaiyanara, Dave Chua, Jane Huang, Wen-yi Lee, Kelly Leow, Kimberly Lium, O Thiam Chin, Quek Shin Yi, Tan Lixin, and Teo Kai Xiang. This pioneer batch of finalists comprises of both seasoned and new writers with varying degrees of exposure to writing and come from different backgrounds such as film, theatre, healthcare and journalism. Their stories celebrate all subsets of the horror genre, told with a Singaporean twist.

The judging panel, consisting of poet, graphic artist, and literary critic Dr Gwee Li Sui, writer and translator Annaliza Bakri, and author and editor Jason Erik Lundberg, will read and evaluate the eleven manuscripts to determine the top three entries.

The top three entries will be announced during the book launch of Fright 1. The top entry will receive $3,000, the second-best entry will receive $2,000, and the third-best entry will receive $1,000. The eight other finalists will receive $500 each.

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