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Film Fanatic: AJOOMMA《花路阿朱妈》’s poster marks first design project between Singapore’s ‘Giraffe Pictures’ and South Korean Design Studio ‘Propaganda’

Local film company Giraffe Pictures collaborated with Seoul-based design studio Propaganda for the movie poster of the first ever Singapore-South Korea co-produced feature film, AJOOMMA 《花路阿朱妈》.

Propaganda is a renowned graphic design studio that carries a diverse portfolio and specialises in designing posters and collaterals for films, television and theatre. One of its founders and designers, Choi Jee-Woong, has created many notable works including movie posters for TRAIN TO BUSANTHE ROUNDUPTHE WITCH and THE WITCH: PART 2. THE OTHER ONE. He has also designed posters for TV series such as THE WORLD OF THE MARRIED, THIRTY-NINE, OUR BELOVED SUMMER and BEYOND EVIL.

Produced by award-winning Singaporean filmmaker Anthony Chen and helmed by first-time feature director He Shuming, AJOOMMA 《花路阿朱妈》 will open in Singapore cinemas from 27 October with early sneak previews from 21 – 24 October.

This is the first time for Jee-Woong to work on a Singapore-Korea co-produced movie. “I am very happy and enjoyed working on the poster for this unique Singapore film about K-drama, directed by Shuming. Particularly, the Chinese typography was a bit of a challenge for me, but overall it was fun.”

“Propaganda is known for the beautiful typographies you often see in Korean film posters,” said Director Shuming. “When I met with Jee-Woong at their Gangnam office, I was inspired by how much thought goes into the design of a film poster, especially the typography.”

“If I have a chance, I’d like to design for his next film again,” Jee-Woong added.

AJOOMMA marks veteran Singaporean actress Hong Hui Fang洪慧芳’s first leading role in a feature film where she co-stars with talented Korean actors including Jung Dong-hwan郑东焕, Kang Hyung-suk 姜亨锡 and Yeo Jin-goo 吕珍九, who will make a special appearance. Local actor Shane Pow包勋评 also plays a supporting role in the film.

The movie follows the story of Auntie (Hong Huifang), a middle-aged Singaporean woman who has dedicated the best years of her life to caring for her family. Now widowed with her grown up son, Sam (Shane Pow) who is about to fly the roost, Auntie is left to contend with a whole new identity beyond her roles of daughter, wife, and mother.

A solo trip to Korea becomes a wild adventure for Auntie where she embarks on an unexpected roller coaster ride where hearts flutter and unlikely bonds are formed.

AJOOMMA is produced by Giraffe Pictures; with support from Singapore Film Commission, Korean Film Council and Seoul Film Commission. The film is distributed by Golden Village Pictures in Singapore.

AJOOMMA will hold its world premiere at the 27th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) on 7th October. It will open in Singapore cinemas on 27th October.

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