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Music Is: Dominic Chin releases single ‘IYKYK’

Homegrown pop artiste Dominic Chin is back with his latest irresistible earworm, IYKYK.

Short for the popular phrase “if you know, you know”, IYKYK is a dance pop song about the hidden intimacies of friendship and a love note to one’s ride or die. One will find it hard to sit still to this bop – an addictive anthem that celebrates misfits who find both their tribe and acceptance.

“Finding friends who love and accept you despite you being different is tough. I didn’t fit in anywhere growing up,” said Dominic. “This song celebrates my friendships and the mutual love we have for each other because of our shared tribulations in life. It is also for those who didn’t identify with my struggles but still supported me and my cause. It is our message to the rest of the world: We don’t need your approval to exist, to love, to dress how we want, to be how we want to be… if you know, you know.”

In penning this tune, Dominic was heavily inspired by some of the biggest songs of the 80s, particularly the joyful beat of Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody and the soulful chord progressions of Luther Vandross’ Never Too Much.

Intricately layered vocals, dynamic strings and a bouncy bassline make IYKYK a catchy must-have on the dancefloor. The lyrics speak to a euphoria that is almost invincible in its “us against the world” outlook. In the chorus, Dominic’s agile vocals soar above the funky arrangement with a strong yet carefree message of solidarity: “Don’t you dare get in our way now / You can stare coz’ we look too good now / Get out of my hair and if you don’t how / I’ll point you to the right direction baby! / If you know, you know, you know, you know.”

Longtime collaborators and friends of Dominic, Framethefolks shot the colourful music video for IYKYK. The creative agency behind his previous music video ‘CRY’ set out to capture the essence, joy & the pure excitement of the song.

Viewers can look forward to a chaotic, boldly fashion-forward & eccentric film that matches the beat and colours of the song perfectly. This music video will put a smile on your face as you follow the journey of a group of fashionable friends going out of their way to engage with a stranger dressed in bright yellow faux fur and shiny sequin pants, in hopes to enlist him to be part of their clique. Featured alongside Dominic are fellow local artistes Kevin Brendan & Gail Belmonte, actress & singer Frances Lee, Dominic’s close army friend Dylan Alexander, and fashion stylist & muse of music video, Gabby G.

IYKYK is a standalone single ahead of Dominic’s upcoming album Runway Heartbeats. The album features 4 brand new songs that will be released from the end of the year through the first half of 2023. Dominic will be holding a concert in collaboration with Singapore Street Festival to showcase his body of work thus far at Singtel Waterfront Theatre in July 2023.

IYKYK drops on 23 September. Follow Dominic on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify. Catch the IYKYK music video on 30 September on Dominic’s YouTube page

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