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Music Is: SCO Ruan musicians to charm audiences with their deep and melodic tunes in “Music Tuesdays: Joyful” concert

Nine SCO ruan musicians will be coming together to put up the Music Tuesdays: Joyful concert, happening on 1 November 2022 (Tuesday), 7.30pm. Musicians from the ruan section, accompanied by other SCO musicians will be presenting world premiere of new works, including newly-composed pieces by young local composers. Veteran ruan musician Koh Kim Wah will be retiring by the end of this year. Hence, the section will be celebrating her retirement through this concert, to thank her for her contribution to SCO and the music scene over the years.

Curated by Zhongruan Principal Zhang Ronghui, she will be leading the ruan section to bring about classic and new works. The theme of this concert revolves around friends coming together to share about different stages of their lives. Audiences will be able to experience a wide range of emotions from the different eras. Let the melodious and soothing tone of ruan bring calm and peace to your Tuesday night.

The concert will kick off with Tuesday Gatherings, a classic piece composed by Liu Xing, echoing a group of friends gathering to share stories about their lives. After which, 3 younger musicians – Jonathan Ngeow, Lo Chai Xia and Cheng Tzu-Ting – on the zhongruan, accompanied by Jing Po on daruan, will be bringing a piece called Metamorphosis, composed by Derek Koh, showing the process of artists constantly seeking improvements in their skills. Following that, musicians will transport you back in time to the Six Dynasties era by playing two pieces composed by young local composer Sulwyn Lok, namely Seven Sage of the Bamboo Grove and Wine Revelry.

One highlight of this concert will be the piece Afterglow, also composed by Sulwyn Lok, specially dedicated to veteran musician Koh Kim Wah. This year is her 26th anniversary with SCO, and she will be retiring by the end of the year. Originally named as The beautiful sunset, this piece tells a story about an elderly sitting by the beach, reminiscing the good old memories while watching the sunset, which evokes a feeling of peace and serenity. This piece was renamed to Afterglow, serving as a closure to Koh Kim Wah’s time with SCO.

Zhang Ronghui shared, “Other than the all-time favourite classic pieces, there are also many pieces composed and rearranged by young local composers. Of which, Seven Sage of the Bamboo Grove is a premiere work, while Wine Revelry and Afterglow are newly rearranged works. This concert will definitely bring you on a fresh and new experience of ruan music.”

Lastly, the ruan section would like to convey to Koh Kim Wah “Ms Koh is one of the pioneer musicians of SCO, and has been proactively grooming young musicians. Your humbleness and contributions have always encouraged us to do better. Wishing you the best, and be the best in your health!”

Music Tuesdays: Joyful concert takes place on 1st November 2022 at 7.30pm at the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO Conference Hall). Tickets available from SISTIC

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