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Preview: People, Places and Things by Pangdemonium

Kicking off their 2023 season, Pangdemonium is in top form with a hard-hitting play promising to bend minds and move mountains. Directed by Tracie Pang, Pangdemonium presents People, Places and Things, Duncan Macmillan’s critically-acclaimed play about the cruelty of substance abuse and addiction.

Meet Emma – professional actor, consummate performer, chameleon-like make-believer. But that’s not all Emma is; she’s also a pathological pretender, compulsive liar, and hopeless addict. Committed to rehab, she desperately clings on to her alter egos and imagined personas, as her world spirals into a surreal abyss. Friends, family members and fellow addicts morph into figments of fantasy, her sense of self fragments, and she is forced to ask: which version of me is the real me?

Playing at the Esplanade’s brand-new Singtel Waterfront Theatre, Pangdemonium is set to take full advantage of the theatre’s flexibility, utilising a traverse theatre staging to allow for a fully immersive experience. Emma is an actress who loses herself in the characters she plays and also in the cocktail of substances she puts in her body – to the point where she questions her own identity. As we see, hear, and feel everything from her perspective, our own reality begins to fracture, and we find ourselves asking: which version of this story is the truth?

Following a sold-out season at National Theatre and in London’s West End, this theatrical tour-de-force was nominated for the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Play. Featuring a stunning ensemble cast of 11 led by Sharda Harrison as Emma, People, Places and Things also features Shona Benson, Rebecca Ashley Dass, Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai, Krissy Jesudason, Keagan Kang, Shane Mardjuki, Victoria Mintey, Adrian Pang, Jamil Schulze, and Tan Guo Lian Sutton.

Prepare yourselves to experience every shift, turn and change of events together with Emma, and witness how her friends, family members, and fellow addicts morph into figments of fantasy, toeing the line between art and addiction, into a dangerous world of chaos and heartbreak. This March, come get swept up in the storm of Emma’s psyche, embarking on a thrilling, trippy theatrical journey, and go down the rabbit hole exploring one person’s desperate need to escape real life.

People, Places and Things plays from 25th March to 9th April 2023 at the Singtel Waterfront Theatre, Esplanade. Tickets available here

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