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Preview: Shaun The Sheep’s Circus Show by Base Entertainment Asia and Circa Contemporary Circus

From the team that brought you Carnival of the Animals in March, presenter Base Entertainment Asia and producer Circa Contemporary Circus are bringing the entertaining, family-favourite circus-theatre production Shaun the Sheep’s Circus Show. The show is bound to captivate families and audiences of all ages and will make its international premiere in Singapore at Sands Theatre from 10 to 21 May 2023.

Shaun the Sheep is a popular, family favourite television series launched in 2017, which has since become an internationally beloved character, recognised across the globe for its slapstick humour, distinctive look and eccentric characters. Shaun the Sheep is currently broadcasted in over 170 territories around the world. Two critically-acclaimed feature films have since spawned from the original television series, becoming a full-fledged film franchise.

Working closely with multi-award-winning and globally renowned animation studio which created Shaun the Sheep, audiences will be treated to Aardman’s signature animation of the Mossy Bottom Farm crew’s life on stage combined with live performance from Circa.

A captivating mix of live action acrobatics and on-screen animation, Shaun the Sheep’s Circus Show is a performance for the entire family and audiences that have not seen the on-screen productions. Circa’s Ensemble will bring the show characters to life on a huge, lawn-green stage with a storyline that will delight fans as well as theatre enthusiasts alike. The adventures of Shaun and his farmyard friends underline a subtle theme about creating our own entertainment without reliance on digital and electronic devices.

This May 2023, gather your family, friends and loved ones and embrace the fun, humour and playfulness found in the world of Shaun the Sheep’s Circus Show as Shaun sets o to arrange for a bigger triumph for his flock of sheep.

Shaun The Sheep’s Circus Show plays from 10th to 21st May 2023 at the Sands Theatre. Tickets available here

1 comment on “Preview: Shaun The Sheep’s Circus Show by Base Entertainment Asia and Circa Contemporary Circus

  1. Hello
    love it
    This is exciting news! Shaun the Sheep’s Circus Show seems like a delightful performance for the whole family to enjoy. Looking forward to it.
    Scott Dubois
    Civic Edge Lifestyle


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