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Review: LEAP 2019 by Frontier Danceland

A medley of new choreographies and dancers to be form LEAP 2019 With their annual production of graduating dancers from the M1-Frontier Danceland PULSE Programme, Frontier Danceland presented six brand […]

Review: The Transition Room by Toy Factory

Waiting rooms can feel like hell.  Over the years, purgatory onstage has taken a great many forms, from the horrific to the mundane. With Stanley Seah’s The Transition Room, the […]

Preview: LEAP 2019 by Frontier Danceland

Frontier Danceland begins their 2019 edition with a showcase of new works this March with LEAP 2019. Led by Artistic Director Low Mei Yoke, company artists Faye Tan, Keigo Nozaki […]

Preview: The Transition Room by Toy Factory

Besides the announcement of the second part of their theatrical trilogy at SIFA 2019, Toy Factory will be opening their 2019 season with their all new production The Transition Room. Making the […]

Review: Charlie by Bhumi Collective

A brief encounter with a true innocent. In the wake of politically-charged, tumultuous events such as the rise of Brexit and POTUS Trump, the world as we know it has […]

Review: A $ingapore Carol by W!ld Rice

The Dickensian holiday classic gets a Singaporean twist There are few shows more quintessential to Christmas than Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, having received countless adaptations and stagings each holiday […]