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Review: Happy Ever Laughter 2016 by Dream Academy [27/10/16]


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Dream Academy is BACK with their annual Happy Ever Laughter performance, now bigger and better than ever, with 11 of Singapore’s best comedians up on stage to make for a laugh-filled night with some truly amazing routines. No event was left unturned in the 2 hours, as topics getting the jab ranged from Josephine Teo to Pokemon Go.


The show started off with host and director Hossan Leong coming onstage to set the tone and entertain the crowd with his opening remarks and warmer jokes, even ending up doing a split onstage to show that he’s still as young and sprightly as ever.


We moved on to Power 98 DJ Dee Kosh, a bold new face to the Happy Ever Laughter family and he went off on a no holds barred, whimsical telling about his family and life, raising chuckles here and there.


Next up was theatre veteran Siti Khalijah, who played an exotic model, hamming it up with her usual minah act that would by now be familiar to audience members. Sharul Channa then came on, and proved that women are very much worthy of holding their own ground in the standup comedy scene, and showcased her extraordinary talent here, schooling us with an all new meaning of namaste that we won’t forget anytime soon.

Mediacorp actress Patricia Mok then came onstage for a routine rife with euphemisms and sexual innuendo, discussing her newfound love for being ‘poked in every position’. Well, it succeeded in poking our funny bone too. Mok was followed up by funnyman Fakkah Fuzz, who again impressed the audience with his sharp, witty jokes and easy to relate to observations that went down well with the crowd that discussed race and place.


Rounding off the first half was Broadway Beng himself, Sebastian Tan, fresh off his recent solo show. Tan of course, does what he does best, reaching out and connecting to the aunties and older audience members with his eloquent Hokkien infused English, bringing Broadway to the masses and non-English speaking crowd when he ended off with a big number that showed off his musical capabilities.

Despite the intermission giving us a breather, the laughs just kept on coming once we returned to the theatre to meet Judee Tan and her ‘blur like sotong’ Teow Chew Mui character, intentionally mispronouncing words and laughing maniacally to rev up the energy.


After that came Rishi Budhrani, talking about his life and observational humour, before we faced the highlight of our night. Suhaimi Yusoff is best known for his work on TV shows on Suria and Channel 5, appearing in shows like The Noose and Police and Thief, but was a complete virgin at standup comedy. Despite his short 15 minute set, he started off strong and ended off even stronger, and was definitely the peak performer, bringing raucous cheers and applause from the audience.

Finally, we ended off the night with Singapore’s favourite drag act Kumar, who sauntered out in a sexy nurse outfit (appropriate, since Halloween is right around the corner). Sticking with the theme of laughter as the best medicine, he groped at our sensibilities and joked about the medical industry, in particular nurses and their uniforms.


I found myself almost short of breath from all the heavy laughing I was doing throughout. Though the price is a little steep, Happy Ever Laughter will leave you in stitches, and with a good taste of the best medicine, you’ll be cured of any worries you might have had. Dream Academy has proven themselves once again with the winning formula of Happy Ever Laughter.

Namaste Singapore.

Happy Ever Laughter plays at the Esplanade Theatre until 6 November. Tickets available from SISTIC. Note: 29 October show will feature Selena Tan instead of Kumar for both shows. 

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