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Preview: Rant And Rave II by The Finger Players


Watch Singapore’s history come alive as Serene Chen and Jean Ng recap key milestones of Singapore’s literary scene in their captivating performance, Rant and Rave II. Beyond The Bookworm Club, Bonnie Hicks, Flame of the Forest and Borders bookstore, Rant and Rave II presents the various struggles writers have been contending with since the 1950s. Should writers write only what the public wants to read? But what if all they want is just humour, horror and sex? Should they still write about deeper topics for the more sophisticated, even when nobody reads it? Is it better to write about frivolous matters than to not write at all? Through this 80-minute play, The Finger Players bare the points of contention the literature scene has been grappling with for decades, and show how the scene has evolved to what it is today.

At the press preview, we caught a glimpse of the intense exchange Serene and Jean would have onstage come 4th November. With their chemistry, the dynamic duo managed to effectively portray the many characters and intricate dilemmas of the 1980s in mere minutes, and positioned us right at the heart of the matter then. Yet, this would not be possible if not for the hard work offstage. Writer-Director Chong Tze Chien had spent six months alone writing the script, while the pair had to research the two hundred over unfamiliar characters they would later portray.

For those in the scene, you will definitely find yourself reminiscing the past as old tales and notable names are mentioned. Meanwhile, the common man will come to learn of a different Singapore. Catch Rant and Rave II at the Singapore Writers Festival from 4th to 6th November, and the discussion panel for the play on the 7th (discussion panel open only to FestPass holders). And if you enjoyed the production, you can also purchase the discussed works at the end of each performance.

Rant and Rave II is staged at the SOTA studio theatre as part of the Singapore Writer’s Festival from 4-6 November. For more information and ticketing, head to their website here

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