First staged locally in 2007, Pangdemonium starts off their 2017 season with Martin McDonagh’s critically acclaimed play The Pillowman.  A police procedural play revolving around a writer accused of murder, Tracie Pang returns once again to direct, along with three of its original cast members: Daniel Jenkins, Shane Mardjuki and Adrian Pang.


This time around, The Pillowman will be staged at the glorious Victoria Theatre. Winner of two Tony Awards and Olivier Award for Best Play, The Pillowman follows two policemen as they interrogate a writer whose grim fairy tales bear an uncanny similarity to a series of gruesome murders happening outside. Also starring Andy Tear, Bright Ong, Victoria Minty, and introducing Prudence Rivero, The Pillowman is both thrilling and utterly heartbreaking, with plenty of black humour to go around. Catch it this season, because you won’t know when it’ll be back!

We also got a chance to speak to theatre power couple Adrian and Tracie Pang, founders of Pangdemonium! Check out the interview below:

1 (To Tracie) It’s been years since you last directed The Pillowman. Have there been any changes to the direction since, or any experiences you’ve had to make you look at the play with new eyes?

It’s actually been 10 years since I first directed The Pillowman, and surprisingly everything is coming back to us quite fast. This gives us the time to explore some new character options with the actors.

Also, working with Andy Tear, who is taking over from Michael Corbidge in the role of Michal, we have the chance to start afresh and give the character a different feel. I am also working with an entirely new design team so the set and visual designs are all being updated and refined.

2 What’s the one thing that keeps you doing theatre? 

T: It’s a passion! I love discovering new stories to tell, escaping into the world of theatre and sharing it with people and seeing how we can have people spend 2 hours in someone else’s world. It becomes a shared experience and it’s great to see how people respond to the work.

A: Love, fear, passion, hope, pain, joy, light, darkness, and everything in between. I am privileged to experience all of that because I do theatre. It’s a drug.

3 Favourite fairytale while growing up?

T: It has to be a Grimm’s fairytale! I would say Hansel and Gretel. I love how the children work together to overcome the witch. I had a picture book version of this as a kid and I remember the image of the kids kicking the witch in the butt as she falls into the oven or cauldron or something!! But seriously, who leaves their kids in the woods like that??

A: Hansel and Gretel. Those kids kick ass.

4 What’s your scariest nightmare/biggest fear?

T: That something bad would happened to my boys. I started having this nightmare when I was pregnant with Zack that someone was trying to steal him away from me and I nearly punched Adrian in the face whilst I was sleeping! The fears have changed as they have grown older but I think as a parent, no matter how old they are this will always be a fear.

A: Losing my children.

5 Why should Singaporeans come to watch The Pillowman? 

A: We need to be kicked out of our comfortable, self-centred lives once in awhile and be made to experience something that makes you want to protect all children from all manner of harm. Also, The Pillowman is unlike any other play you’ll see in your life. Promise!

6 Is there a moral to The Pillowman, like most fables?

T: Protect your children – All the four adults in the play had a rough childhood in very differing degrees and you can clearly see how it messed them up.

So you’ve heard from the people behind the production, so what are you waiting for! Limited tickets are still available. Get it today and your own fairy-tale come alive!

The Pillowman plays at Victoria Theatre from 24 Feb-12 March. Tickets available from SISTIC 


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