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VAULT Festival: Final Week Previews Part 2 (1-5 March)


Here’s part 2 of our final week picks of the week for the 2017 VAULT Festival. Reviews to come later this week, and be sure to check out the other shows playing as well!

Blindside by Stephanie Morin-Robert


Don’t be afraid to laugh at Stephanie Morin-Robert’s show about living with a glass eye after a retinoblastoma. Her story is not looking for pity, and your nerves will soon give way to genuine laughter as she shares stories of horrific embarrassment, and slowly but surely make you fall in love with her, bringing you on a rollercoaster of laughs and of course, tears, a one woman force of nature who’s come to embrace her differences as a superpower. Even with just one eye, Morin-Robert has perfect 10/10 creative vision.

Blindside plays at the Network Theatre from 1-5 March. Tickets available here

Project2: Improvised Science Fiction


Are you a self-proclaimed nerd? Have you watched every iteration of Star Trek, consider yourself a diehard Whovian or love Firefly? Whether you’re an ultra-fan or just had a brush with scifi, Project2’s improvised show aims to bring it all to soaring new heights. Based on audience suggestions, the show will riff on familiar tropes, and their character-driven performance promises to move you with its character-led comedy-drama of a performance, and unearth the beauty of science fiction.Warning: May contain robots!

Project2: Improvised Science Fiction plays at the Pit (The Vaults) from 1-5 March. Tickets available here

B.A.D.D. by Hermetic Arts


After performing some ace songs in Happy, Carrie Marx returns to the VAULT Festival with her one woman show B.A.D.D. (Bothered about Dungeons & Dragons). Set in 80s America, Marx is here to save you from the clutches of the devil himself in this inaugural meeting by American conservatives much afeared of the corruption of their children through the evils of the occult game. Save your souls and come on down to B.A.D.D. and join the forces of good as Marx exposes the many threats hiding in plain sight in this darkly comic theatrical lecture/participatory brainstorming session.

B.A.D.D. plays at The Studio (The Vaults) from 1-5 March. Tickets available here

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