Bilingual theatre company The Finger Players make a smashing return to their roots this season with not one but three plays that highlight their history in puppetry, with an all new musical by Chong Tze Chien and restagings of both a classic piece from Kuo Pao Kun and a modern, heartbreaking classic often considered the Finger Players’ best.

Itsy The Musical


Itsy takes on the world of nursery rhymes gone dark where Little Miss Muffet’s Itsy Bitsy spider has galvanised his eight-legged army to terrorise and take over their fantasy world. Their hero? An unlikely one, in the form of a grandfather (Lim Kay Siu) searching for his lost grandson (Oliver Chong). On his journey, he will meet and become reacquainted with the colourful friends from the nursery rhymes that he used to sing. What follows is an epic war with a ragtag army, consisting familiar characters like Jack and Jill, the Three Blind Mice, Humpty Dumpty and Twinkle Little Star. But even amongst the strife, at its heart is a story of the powerful bond between family.  Returning to their strongest and most unique skill at puppetry, Itsy will be Finger Players at their best and most creative, promising to transport audiences to its dazzling world with stunning effects and an enchanting soundtrack.

Itsy The Musical plays at Victoria Theatre from 24 March to 2 April. Tickets available from SISTIC



POOP is a title that may make you laugh, but has actually been one of the most moving, heart wrenching and tearjerking pieces The Finger Players has ever produced about death. Dealing with the aftermath of a man’s suicide, POOP follows the people left behind: his mother attempting to release his soul from hell, his widow’s grief and his daughter’s own imminent doom.

Bringing us on an imaginative journey through an urban, puppet landscape filled with SBS buses and fast food restaurants, these characters will explore what it means to feel a death in the family and how one copes, brought to lurid 3-dimensional, high-definition life with the use of blacklight theatre and a script that will almost certainly leave you in tears by the end, musing on the afterlife and how we can continue living in the wake of a tragedy.

POOP plays at the Victoria Theatre from 19-22 October. Tickets available soon.

The Spirits Play


The highly anticipated revival of legendary local playwright Kuo Pao Kun comes to the Victoria Theatre this October! Kuo’s classic play will be directed by critically acclaimed thespian Oliver Chong and follow five Japanese spirits – a General, a Man, a Mother, a Girl and a Poet as they recall their lives in the Second World War. The motley crew is thrown into turmoil while they relive their painful memories, and attempt to make sense of the war and its atrocities, from both the enemy and their very own allies. Now considered a classic in Singapore theatre,  The Spirits Play paints a poignant picture of the agony, guilt and turmoil that war brings about.

The Spirits Play plays at Victoria Theatre from 26-29 October. Tickets available soon. 

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