Checkpoint Theatre enters their 2017 season with a throwback with their previously sold out show – Normal by Faith Ng.

Directed by Claire Wong, their 2015 smash hit returns to the Drama Centre Black Box, and its themes of education and expectations remain as pertinent as ever. Secondary 5 Normal Academic students Ashley and Daphne struggle in school, juggling a potent cocktail of demands from their family, society and themselves – all while on the brink of confusing adulthood. Could new teacher Sarah be a beacon of hope?

Vividly written and honestly played, the previous young and critically acclaimed cast of Claire Chung, Audrey Teong and Lim Shi-An will return in this production, and go onstage alongside new cast members Julie Wee, Amanda Tee, Chio Su-Ping and Fanny Kee as the teachers. Singapore’s complex society and education is lain bare in this riveting play about the tensions abound and just what it means to be considered ‘normal’.

Normal plays at the Drama Centre Black Box from 23 March to 16 April. Tickets available from SISTIC

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